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Seven Reasons the San Antonio Spurs Suck, According to Miami Heat Fans

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Alright, so the Miami may have lost to the San Antonio last night. But there's still no denying that LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, Birdman, Miller, and all the über-talented ballers that make up el Heat are better than Parker, Duncan, Ginóbili, and the rest of those goofs from the Spurs.

And if there's one thing we can be pretty sure about is that our boys won't let us down. Tomorrow night's game will either make it or break it for the team, but the Heat have one major advantage over the Spurs ... The 305.

Even when the Heat are doing their basketball thing (or not, however you wanna look at it) in the Lone Star State, they still lure thousands of diehard fans to the American Airlines Arena for the Miami Heat Road Rally.

We got the Heat's back. And here are seven reasons why the Spurs suck, according to the ride-or-die 305 fans.

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"They From The 305"

Princess, Muncho/Poncho, and Ari Williams were in all Heat everything from head to toe. They were just making their way into the AAA.

"They look like Heat cheerleaders," said one of the girls in reference to the two in skirts.

"Why are the Heat better than the Spurs?"

"They from the 305," said Princess.

'Nuff said.

"We Have The Best Player In The World"

"LeBron," said Jennyfer Erazo who was sitting outside of the AAA wearing a Chalmers jersey and a black and red Miami Heat cap. She was waiting for the rally to begin.

"What about Tony Parker, he's pretty good?"

"Tony Parker's got talent, but he has no chance because we got this."

Jorge de Laman agreed.

"We have LeBron James," de Laman said as he stood outside of the arena with his fiancé and soon to be brother-in-law.

"He's right there," he said as he pointed to the face of the MVP plastered on the façade of the AAA.

"The Teamwork"

"The way they all work together," said Carmina Santiago who was reppin' the Big Three with a group of friends.

"We have more talent," added Augustus Silva as he put on a pair of red sunglasses with the word HEAT spelled across the lenses.

"Everybody wants us to fail. If the Heat win the Finals, there's not much news. If we loose, bam."

"We Have Great Three-Point Shooters"

"We have a younger team... and great defense," said Mario Martinez.

"We also have two of the most explosive players in the game, Wade and LeBron, and the Spurs ain't got nothing on us!"

Alex Garcia, Kevin Jimenez, and Walter Fernandez agree.

"We have better offense shooting," said Garcia.

"They have shooters like Ray Allen..." interrupted Jimenez.

Erik Spoelstra

"We have a good coach," said Birdman doppelganger Eric Perry.

"He keeps his cool and stays positive. He's one of the best coaches by far... [it's his] experience and knowledge."

"We Have A Better Bench"

"Apart from LeBron, we have a better supporting cast like Battier, Birdman, Miller Allen," said Joel Rodriguez.

"They're Hungrier Than The Spurs"

"The Heat are gonna win because they wanna bring victory back home to Miami for a repeat."

Go Heat!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.