Sean Hannity Disses "Controversial Rapper" Common, Karl Rove Says Common's a "Thug"

Fox News' Sean Hannity dedicated 10-minutes of his program last night to shit on Common, and criticize Michelle Obama for inviting the "controversial rapper and poet" to her White House Poetry Night.

In typical "fair and balanced" fashion, Hannity even invited two black guys to discuss the "running list of controversial comments" Common's made over the years. Unfortunately, as Rap Radar points out, one of the dudes played the "Uncle Tom" role and "threw Common under the bus." And when Bucknell University Professor James Peterson chimed in with anything, Hannity and David Webb quickly countered with bullshit rebuttals about how fucked-up the White House is for inviting a dude that uses the "the N word" into "the people's house, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

To prove what a threat Common is to America, Fox played a clip of the rapper performing at Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Trinity Church in 2007. As y'all remember, the Obamas were Trinity Church parishioners until the president had to sever ties with Wright for making comments "like an old uncle who says things (you) don't always agree with."

The two-part segment, dubbed "The Invitation," also included a visit from "the architect," Karl Rove. Fox's foremost expert on hip hop repeatedly called Common a "thug," and also added that the invitation "speaks volumes about President Obama and this White House staff."

Hmm, if White House guests speak volumes about a president, then explain why an alleged child molester was invited to Ronald Reagan's White House in 1984.

Check out clips from last night's episode of The Sean Hannity Show, and try to not vomit on your keyboard.

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