Score's Ten Most Memorable Moments

For the past decade and a half, a cluster of A-list celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Gloria Estefan, LMFAO, and other stars of the ilk, super models, and all 'round glamorous people have walked past the velvet ropes and black doors of Score.

While the hot spot will be throwing its last hurrah on Lincoln Road tomorrow night before it makes its next big move to Washington Avenue for "harder, better, faster, stronger" parties on October 4, you can't forget the wild nights that went down at 727 Lincoln Road.

Here's a recap of Score's ten most memorable moments.

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Lady Gaga's Appearances

Before Lady Gaga was queen of her Little Monsters, she scored twice.

"Lady Gaga performed twice, the first time she wore a disco ball bikini with a mirror on the bottom. She also made an appearance after her Monsters Ball at the James L. Knight Center two or three years back," brags Luis Morera of Score.

"She even mentioned us [Score] in her concert saying how grateful she was and included a picture of her entering Score in her book."

Not a bad way to say thank you.

Macy Gray's Performance

"Artists don't usually drink alcohol before a performance, but Macy Gray was so down-to-earth that the first thing she asked for was a shot of tequila," recalls Morera.

Paulina Rubio's Mix Up

"Paulina Rubio was singing. She went on the stage and they made a remix [to one of her songs]," Morera explains.

"She probably didn't catch the beat of the remix and yelled at the DJ, 'Play my fucking song!' The crowd's reaction was just crazy," he laughs.

Iris Chacon's Split

"Iris Chacon was very famous during the 80s. She was like the Barbara Walters of the Latin community, but in a sexual way," compares Morera.

In a way more sexual, flashy way.

"She's in her 60s now, but we hired her. She hadn't performed in a while, and everyone was like, 'How are you gonna get that old lady to perform?'"

"When she came for the sound check, she arrived with a cane. She got in her costume and that lady that came in with a cane did split," laughs Morera.

"It was shocking to see a 60-year-old lady do a split."

Kat De Luna's Camel Toe

"This came out in national media. Kat De Luna did a performance and had a wardrobe malfunction with a really bad camel toe," remembers Morera.

We don't think anyone was ready for Kat's camel toe.

Perez Hilton Partying It Up

Maybe Perez Hilton was the culprit who exposed Kat De Luna's camel toe to the world.

LMFAO's Nerdy Girl Act

"When they performed at Score, they were known in the straight, mainstream community. The gays were not very familiar with it," explains Morera.

"They started singing, "I'm In Miami, Bitch," and brought this nerd-looking girl with glasses on stage. It was part of the performance, but no one knew. In the middle of the song, they ripped off her outfit and she was in a little bikini. Everybody started screaming because they were not expecting that."

Gabrielle Union Snagging Drinks

While D-Wade was off scoring points and leading the Miami Heat into championship victory yet again, his better half was off scoring drinks.

Cocktails With Fergie

"Fergie showed up to have cocktails with her PR agent and that was great," remembers Morera.

Gloria Estefan's "Hotel Nacional" Video Premiere

"Gloria Estefan introduced her video here," says Morera.

You know you've made it as a Magic City institution when you have Mrs. Miami at your door step.

Thanks for the memories, Score. Here's to many more.

Planeta Macho: Last Dance on Lincoln Road. With shows by Marytrini, Teresita "La Caliente," Marco, male dancers, and music by DJs George Ferrero and Josh Riptide. Tuesday, October 1. Score, 727 Lincoln Road. No cover till 11 p.m. Call 305-535-1111 or visit scorebar.net.

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