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Score Free Fra Nefarious Tune From New Album on Miami's So Sound Recordings

​Miami's So Sound Recordings was among Crossfade's Five Best Electronic Music Labels in 2011.

But what we didn't point out about DJ-producer Jazzy Eyewear's beloved imprint was the eclecticism of its catalog.

Sure, the label focuses on house and electronica. But there's also plenty of traditional dance songcraft, from disco to pop-rock. And no So Sound artist embodies that more than local singer-producer Fra Nefarious.

The first thing that'll strike you about Mr. Nefarious is his expressive singing voice, heavily reminiscent of early David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. And many of the tunes on his new Crazy Weather long player also hark back to those artists' compositions from the early '70s -- "Leaving on a Meteor" and "Mountain" are pure Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie with a 21st century sheen.

But then listen to numbers like "Space" or "Supernova Star" and you'll be transported from melancholic glam rock to the uptempo exuberance of Chic-style disco-funk. And the time machine doesn't stop there, it keeps on going right through the '80s, especially on the Cure-like cut "Vapor."

Make no mistake, though, none of its retro references detract from the originality and quality of Fra Nefarious's songwriting and gift for catchy vocal hooks.

So score a free copy of "Leaving On A Meteor." And if you like what you hear, go buy the album via iTunes, Beatport, or other online tuneage outlets.

Download: Fra Nefarious's "Leaving on a Meteor"

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Sean Levisman