Sarah Packiam's Indie World Music at Balans Tonight

Support Public Radio! We were filming live at 91.3FM for Ed Bell's show, and caught a great musician.

Sarah Packiam is a singer songwriter who grew up touring bars and clubs around the world.

Her mom is Irish, and her dad is a traveling Indian musician. She won a national song contest at the age of 14 and hit the road. By 18, she was living in Spain and playing clubs there.

Here's the story of what brought her to Miami, Shakira, Jon Secada, and a Grammy-winning studio.

Crossfade: What's your favorite performing experience?

Sarah Packiam:

When I was singing a song of mine,

"homeless teenage girl," live on the 2FM radio in Ireland after winning

the National Song Contest. I didn't really think of myself as a

songwriter before that day. I think it dawned on me that I should

probably give it a shot when I noticed someone crying in the audience.

How did you end up in Miami and how long have you been here?

The story of how I arrived in Miami goes back to 2004 when I was working with a Producer in Spain. He made a DVD of me recording in the studio and got it in the hands of Jon Secada. I guess Jon liked it cause next thing I knew I was on a plane with my little brother heading to the city we'd only seen in Movies! Now Miami is one of the cities I like to call home.

How did you get involved with Tim Mitchell and Cutting Cane?

At that time Jon Secada was producing with Tim Mitchell so I came into their studio and sang live for the two of them with my guitar. I passed the test and went to celebrate on Lincoln road with my first ever Mojito....I'll never forget that day!

Since then I've been introduced to George Noriega (Ricky Martin) and Jodi Marr (Mika). We've been writing and recording and doing a really interesting blend with my Irish / India heritage. So, we have some tablas in there along with Eamon Dillon playing the Irish Uilleann pipes.

Will you release an album?

Instead of working on a full album, I'm just focusing on the songs one by one. The last Itunes release I did was actually 2 songs "You and I" and  "Goodbye lonely me"

I find it more interesting releasing songs bit by bit. Last weekend I was recording a music video with the director David Dang in Paris for "Everybody Need's Somebody Sometimes." I wrote it sitting alone in and Irish Pub in NY, recorded it in Miami, and made the video in Paris.

What are your musical goals?

There are a couple of artists I've had dreams of working with! Sting & Stevie Wonder being on the top of my list. Apart from that I'd like to become more involved in my own Production. And I wouldn't mind a hit song.

Sarah Packiam. Thursday, March 24. Balans, 901 S. Miami Ave., Miami. The performance will take place during happy hour and later. Call 305-534-9191 or visit

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