Robbie Rivera

Thanks to a series of dance hits culminating in last year's smash "Which Way You're Going," Robbie Rivera is one of Miami's signature producers, sharing the spotlight alongside George Morel, Murk, and a handful of others. He has released countless recordings on his own imprint, Juicy Music, as well as local imprint SFP Records and Ultra Records (which released his debut album last year).

Being a label owner and a prolific producer has allowed Rivera to issue numerous compilations; Juicy Music Vol. 1 is the latest. As a two-disc compilation he mixed himself, it's the wide-screen version of his label's recent history, warts and all. The best tracks hit early in the first disc: 68 Beats' "One Eye Shut (Robbie Rivera vocal mix)" rushes by with light synth patterns tapping over a stamping house beat; and DJ Rooster and Sammy Peralta's "Shake It" is a simple yet effective tribal jam. After that opening flurry, the mix settles into a consistent groove that carries over into disc two and yields several highlights, including Rooster and Peralta's pulsing "The Meeting (DJ Pedro mix)" and the melodic pop of the Rivera Project's "Has It Come to This (Dean Coleman mix)."

Juicy Music Vol. 1 totals well over two hours, so unless you're playing it at a house jam, whether with your friends or just a party of one, it's best to sift through it over several listens instead of consuming it in one sitting, the better to capture the peaks and valleys of an important label in the Miami dance scene.

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