Rick Ross Thinks "Africa" Is a "Country"

Big homie is the Bawse. Except when it comes to geography.

Yesterday, Rick Ross boarded a jet plane with his manager Gucci Pucci, bound for the land where mankind was born. And upon arrival, the pair "discuss[ed] how far we've come,obstacles,victories and new $ to get as the sun rise on the African coast."

But, umm, among those "obstacles" ... A big fat F in the study of lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of the Earth.

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Sure, the Bawse has been all over the globe. But he don't give a fuck about geographical factoids. 'Cause he's way too busy hustlin' and promotin' the Maybach Music fam, Wale, and this new album, The Gifted.

So why would y'all expect him to know that "Africa" is the second largest continent in the world and not a "beautiful country"?

Most people simply enjoyed some LOLs at Ricky Rozay's expense, asking and giggling, "WTF did he say country?" and "Didn't you go to school?"

Others, though, like Tweets So Raw ("you honestly are the stupidest mother fucker aren't you") and Fuck Tomatoes ("Africa is a continent fatty") and Da Homie Nick ("How that dumb motherfucka got on a plane, got a visa & have no idea what country he was entering? Just slow") were outraged.

Still, the Bawse never deleted the offending "Africa" tweet. And perhaps he's got a legit excuse for this whole country-versus-continent flub. You know, besides being "the stupidest mother fucker."

How about sleep deprivation? If lack of naps causes seizures ... Maybe it makes a motherfucker fail geography tests too.

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