Reggaeton Isn't Dead...

...It's alive and well with "Mini Daddy" a.k.a. Adriansito, and his highly inappropriate mini video vixens. Even if Adrian isn't technically so "-ito," you've gotta love his utter belief that he is, after all, "

el nino mas bonito, el nino mas chiquito

" -- you're right, that claim doesn't make sense -- and "el nino mas tiernito." We could all take a lesson in self-confidence from Mini Daddy. Sadly, it's damn near impossible to find any kind of official web page from him, so for now, you'll just have to savor this musical nugget slowly. 

(Thanks to DJ Craze for tweeting this and brightening Crossfade's day just a little. Follow him at @Crazearoni ... and us at @Crossfade_SFL.)


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