Rap's Five Best Lyrics About Miami

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"The streets is cold and the beaches is warm"

The bitches is everything in between.

 Wale is always repping his hometown of D.C., but he's also got love for the city that took him in. Ever since he signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, he's been spending much more time in the 305. With this line off "Miami Nights (Ambition)," he captures Miami's complex urban atmosphere by comparing the harshness of life on the concrete mainland with the beach's tranquil waters.

"Lotta drug dealing 'round me going down in Dade County


There's a reason Florida's most popular city is nicknamed M.I.YAYO. In case you haven't caught on, yayo is Spanish slang for cocaine. And there's definitely always been lots of blow in the streets of Miami. The Bawse Rick Ross (even if he never actually was "in the distribution") is the hip-hop bard of Miami's sizable drug trade. Gotta make your paper somehow.

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