Alex "Rube" Rubin slamming the Miami Heat
Alex "Rube" Rubin slamming the Miami Heat

Rapper Alex "Rube" Rubin Invites Miami's Scorn with "Heat Hater" Video

Last November, local aspiring rapper Alex "Rube" Rubin released a song blaming the NBA's "corrupt policeman" of a commissioner David Stern for the lockout.

Now he's turned his white boy wrath on the Miami Heat, a move he admits is akin to wearing a "I (Heart) George Zimmerman" t-shirt to a Trayvon Martin rally. "I know I'm asking for it," he says. "People are probably going to think, 'Who does this guy think he is?'"

Keep reading to watch Rubin's LeBron-blasting "Heat Hater in Miami" video. Comments invited.

These are some lines from the 3:27 rap:

Don't care bout flash or the king flossin see it's crystal clear
Mr. 75% cuz his fourth quarter disappear
Everyone like Ooh we got LeBron!
We got him away from Delonte and his mom!
A real champion plays because he wanna be the best
And to be the best guess what you gotta beat the best, not go be with the rest

But the Delonte jokes are a bit old, and LeBron pretty much singlehandfistedly donkeypunched the Oklahoma Thunder into submission last night.

So however on point Rube's previous song might have been, we're hoping this one comes back to haunt him when the Heat hoists the trophy in June.

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