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Ramzez and Ghostwridah at New Times' Bayfront Park Hip-Hop Stage

Despite the virtually non-existent crowd and Iceberg's no-show, yesterday afternoon's New Times hip-hop stage was pretty solid. Kicking it off, Ramzez rolled through a rapid-fire set of gritty shit and hard beats. And then, Ghostwridah ran things a little deeper in the same direction.

Why didn't Iceberg make the gig? Who knows. But he was running two hours late and the MMF sound crew made the executive decision to shut it all down.

No matter. Check the cut for video of Ramzez and Ghostwridah ripping it up.

If you haven't already scored Ramzez's summer mixtape The Formula 2, do it now. Backed by Valholla Entertainment, this dude (nickname Da Rula) could someday stand high atop the Miami hip-hop heap and you really don't wanna be the last fool to get wise.

Ghostwridah is another one of Miami's rising class. And even though he was born and raised in the 305, there's a serious East Coast edge to tracks like "Celebrate Lyfe" and "50 Ways." Maybe it's the couple years he spent on the streets of NYC. Or maybe he actually shares some genetic material with Jay-Z and Kanye. It sure as hell sounds like it. Bro should get his genome mapped.

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S. Pajot