Q&A With Askultura, Playing Saturday at Churchill's

When we found out about the punk and indie show this Saturday at Churchill's we called up Fabio from Destroyio Records. He said, "Fuckin' shit man. Why you calling me when I'm in the middle of doing my one-handed clapping push-ups? Go to Churchill's this Saturday. It's five bucks, two stages, louder punk up front, indie in the back. We're gonna be releasing a line of shirts for Destroyio for 5 bucks, handmade, hand drawn. It's gonna be awesome."

That didn't help much, so we called up Humberto from Askultura. The band will play the show alongside Space Station 5, No Rest, The Actuaries, Enough!, the Skandals, Prostitots, Kid Cameleon, Space Between Words, Make Children Run, and DJ Skidmark. After the jump, check out what Humberto had to say about the show, and Askultura's upcoming EP dropping in July.

Crossfade: What's Akultura mean?

Humberto: Askultura means different things to different people. To us it's uniting the people by blending the cultures of Miami and having a good time by getting fucked up and dancing.

What's up with the band these days?

Currently we're in a recording phase. We're putting out a 6 song EP. Ed Dread from Black Line Grind is doing the mixing and it should be released mid-July.

How do you describe the band's style of music?

It's definitely punk, but we blend in a lot of Miami to it. It's a big ass blend of reggae, punk, and ska, and hip hop, with Latin. I would categorize it as crunk music.

Any good stroies from your shows?

A good ass time was a show at Churchills. We played last and we were outside, and it seemed like it was the end of the night, and next thing you know we start playing and the shit got packed and everybody was going crazy, we had like twenty people on stage, then I'm hanging from the metal bars on the canopy and people dancing....good times.

The band is all independent?

Everything is DIY. All the shit is do it yourself. This album between tracking and mixing and all that shit we've got at least 100 hours of work invested in it.

You got a title for it?

The working title is "You Stank, We Skank." The concept is kind of like a message to all the fucking people who go out to shows for a popularity contest, and don't go to support the music, just post up trying to look cool. We're saying that fake artifical people stank, and we skank, like dance and have a good time.

You got a message for the people?

Basically bro Askultura is not just the members of the band, it's all the people who go out and participate, get crazy, and dance. That's what makes the essence of the show is the energy that all the people put out for us. We wouldn't be shit without the people going out and doing it up proper.

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