Psy Smokes a Cigarette! Are K-Pop and Big Tobacco Plotting the Fall of America?!

Korean pop is about the most anti-American facet of pop culture in existence today, depending who you ask.

In September, we brought you the story of Cooper Cap, a ginger patriot who demanded that overnight K-Pop sensation Psy get his "shit culture out of ours" in a YouTube video.

"We don't even understand what the words are to ['Gangnam Style']," he said. "They could be talking about the fall of America."

Sure ... And the lyrics could also be defiantly encouraging folks to smoke cigarettes.

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We've listened closely to "Gangnam Style" in reverse, hoping to catch subtle references to the correlation between the perceived coolness of cigarettes and viral dance moves. However, our Korean edition of Rosetta Stone froze and we were unable to translate the playback.

Nonetheless, our theory was confirmed after the shiny-suited superstar was photographed puffing a cancer stick yesterday.

TMZ ran the photo of a tuxedoed Psy lighting up mere feet from a no-smoking sign in Toronto. In it, the Korean entertainer appears preoccupied with his cell phone, perhaps texting the Marlboro Man for his next set of instructions.

Again, it's all just speculation.

But if Psy pops out of a giant pack of smokes at the next month's Y100 Jingle Ball, we'll know for sure that K-Pop's in bed with Big Tobacco.

Y100 Jingel Ball 2012. Saturday, December 8. BB&T Center, 1 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise. The show starts at 6:45 p.m. and tickets cost $89 to $169 plus fees via ticketmaster.com. Call 954-835-8000 or visit thebbtcenter.com.

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