Phish's New Year's Run 2015 in Miami: Ten Weirdest Works of Phan Art

The Phish-inspired art created by the band's devoted fans is an essential part of the community, and the overall Phish experience. Before every show, hundreds of original works are sold and traded in the bustling parking lot, and sometimes at mini Phan Art conventions.

Over the weekend during Phish's New Year's Run 2015 in Miami, Phan Art was on display at the Adrienne Arsht Center in a deservedly civilized and sober manner. The room was clean and calm, people moved at a slow speed, and a gal played Phish tunes on piano while folks bonded over the artwork.

Phan Art ranges from absurd to heartfelt. And to the uninitiated, every bit of it could fairly be called weird. Here are ten exceptionally weird-great examples.

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A Wook's Guide to the Meatstick

Because wooks need to know their steps.

Page Side/Rage Side Boy Shorts

As if the "Chairman of the Boards" wasn't sexy enough already.

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Clone Fishman Bumper Sticker

This is a nice way to support two great causes: Fishman cloning advocacy as well as the Mockingbird Foundation.

"Scent of a Mule" Cape

Featuring a UFO grabbing a cactus with a tractor beam and Fishman donuts floating to the side!

Sunrise Over a Turquoise Mountain

Behold, the extra-wise, trippy Llama.

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Colonel Jerry

Why not?

Miami Fuego

Birdman, please come get weird with us!

YouTrip Blotter Art

For a sacrament with a sense of humor.

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2. Miami Dolphins Blotter Art

Because Dolphins football could stand to be more interesting.

1. The Lizards

These dudes are Phan art! And they are on a mission to propagate and protect good vibes.

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