Phish Switched "From Suck to Blow" for New Year's Run 2015 in Miami

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The first set had the feel of a gradual, easy beginning. The band played lots of comfortable songs, without opening up the jam gates too wide. The only glimpses into the sort of jams that would come later in the night were during "Wolfman's Brother" and "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing."

With a fierce rendition of "Birds of a Feather," the second set shattered the mellow tone established by the first, and it all got amazing very quickly. "Birds" dropped into a big "Ghost," which the band took deep, and dissolved, before bringing back the main theme and peaking the jam again.

Then "Ghost" went into "Theme from the Bottom," which featured a surprise ending instigated by bass player Mike Gordon with some wicked licks through his phaser pedal. Instead of finishing the song in typical fashion, the band went with Mike into a wonderfully nasty funk jam, which grew very thick before breaking into "Cities."

The set continued to pump at high frequency, not letting up at all until the band stepped aside for a huddle that resulted in a set-closing "Martian Monster" -- the first of the new songs debuted in Vegas on Halloween to be featured in Miami. It was a great outing for the new song, and a big finish to a very special set two.

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Travis Newbill