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Party With Afrobeta and Get Drunk for Free at Scope Miami's Night Event

See the recap and photos from the Scope Miami Night Event.

Alcohol intoxication is fun. However, getting drunk is literally equivalent to drowning your brain in booze. The lesson: What's bad for your body is good for the party.

A little less detrimental to your amygdala's good health, but equally conducive to good times ... Happy dancing music. Sure, you could bop or headbang too hard. But otherwise, this stuff is totally safe.

Score a bit of both things this Thursday at Scope Miami's Night Event. There will be free Stoli Vodka and tons of tuneage from Afrobeta, Gamelatron, Ess & Emm, and four more.

See the cut for the full band and DJ lineup -- plus drunk remixes!

Afrobeta: A cute female-male duo from Miami that specializes in crunchy electro-pop freestyle jams.

Drunk remix! The Do You Party? made with two shots of vodka, half-can of Red Bull, and a couple of carefully crushed mystery pills.

Gamelatron: Created by Brooklyn tech nerds LEMUR and Zemi 17, the Gamelatron is "the world's first fully robotic gamelan orchestra." 

Drunk remix! The Tron Gong made with two shots of vodka and soursop juice over dry ice, poured and served by a robot butler named Putu.

Ess & Emm: A cute female-female duo from Miami (via Canada) that specializes in crunchy disco house jams. (Not to be confused with the UK's premier bed, breakfast, and fetish dungeon also named Ess & Emm.)

Drunk remix! The Sweaty Skiier made with three shots of vodka, shaved ice, two teaspoons lemon juice, and two teaspoons sugar.

Danny Daze: Once a teenage vinyl addict, this 305-er's never felt the need for rehab. By his own admission, Danny Daze is a junkie for "everything from electro bass to Italo disco."

Drunk remix! The Hardcore Dancefloor made with equal parts vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and girl spit.

Mike Deuce: Imagine being coked out of your mind and trapped in a hot disco hall of mirrors. That's a Mike Deuce mixtape.

Drunk remix! The Frozen Blowjob made with three shots of vodka, a fistful of hotel ice cubes, and two spoons of top-shelf albino bitch.

DJ Healer: According to his MySpace page (always a dubious source of information), this musical mystic, AKA Psychic Youth Inc.'s Frederico Nessi, is a single, bisexual Wiccan with a record collection full of Neu!, John Maus, and Au Pairs records.

Drunk remix! The Magick Dancer made with one-third cup vodka, one-third cup absinthe, and one-third cup blood of virgins. The last ingredient must be voluntarily donated, of course.

Afrobeta with Gamelatron with Zemi 17, Ess & Emm, Danny Daze, Mike Deuce, and DJ Healer. Thursday, December 2. Charcoal Studio side-entrance, 60 NW 22nd St., Miami. The party starts at 7 p.m. and admission is free with RSVP or $10 at the door. Visit

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