Pac Div on Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller: "Why Don't We Just Have Them on Our Shit?"

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It's been a couple of years since Los Angeles has seen Phil Jackson's triangle offense dominate not only the West Coast, but the country.

In that same period of time, California hip-hop trio Pac Div has delivered two albums, The Div, and most recently, GMB. An acronym for the Pac Div dudes' real names (Gabe, Mike, and Bryan), GMB provides listeners with a glimpse of what's to come in the near future for the trio, who continue to knock on mainstreams door.

Crossfade had a chance to catch up with Gabe, Mike, and Bryan after this past weekend's Light Up the Night tour stop at EVE.

We asked about their delay for the Miami gig, GMB, and what

the hell is wrong with their Lakers.

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Crossfade: I heard you guys had a little bus issue on the way to Eve. What happened?

BeYoung: Our shit just popped like Mario Kart.

Mibbs: We were on the side of the road. They came, jacked it up, replaced it, and we were one our way.

Now that you're six months removed from GMB, what has it done for the three of you individually?

Mibbs: We came across a network of people that we've been rolling with that we didn't necessarily work with all the time. And then that set us up for a lot of future stuff that we got coming up. We got Kendrick [Lamar] on there, Mac Miller on there. These are people that we've been messing with for a long time. It was just like, "Why don't we just have them on our shit?" It's launching our solo careers.

Like: Dropping that was necessary for us to be on the road, go out and do our

thing. Do what we're natural at, performing, enjoying our time together, traveling,

seeing the world. And then with that, it opens up avenues for us to branch off and

do different things with different artists, different ideas that we have for our solo

endeavors. And always remember to bridge with Pac Div.

How is the FreeBass project with Scoop DeVille coming along?

Mibbs: It's done. We're setting to put it out in May. It's going to come out with a host of other videos. We're going to drop a Pac Div project in the summertime, just to smack them real quick. Daily Bread is coming. I'm actually in the midst of working on three other EPs too.

BeYoung: It's everything. It's always improvement. Kobe is saying he needs to get

better and he just killed his Achilles.

Speaking of Kobe, why do the Lakers suck?

Mibbs: I can't say they suck, man. The way they put out that win against Golden State, another playoff team. Let's not act like we don't know they're old. They're all old.

BeYoung: It's over for them this year.

-- Lee Castro

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.