Obama on Nicki Minaj's Romney Endorsement: "I Don't Know What's Going on There"

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Unemployment dipped to 8.1 percent in August, according to a recent report by the Labor Department, and Florida's jobless rate continues to flirt with 9 percent.

So when President Obama called into The Obie & Lil' Shawn Show this morning on 95.3, "Orlando's new #1 for hip-hop," we figured that POTUS would have some encouraging words for America's struggling workforce.

Instead, he talked about Nicki Minaj's alleged endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Way to press the Prez, Obie and Lil' Shawn!

"I'm not sure [the endorsement] actually happened," Obama quipped on the air. "I think she had a song -- a little rap that said that -- but she likes to play different characters. I don't what's going on there."

Obama has spent the past few days in Florida campaigning, hamming it up with seniors, shooting the shit with Cubans, and getting bear-hugged by a massive 260-pound Pizza shop owner.

During his Orlando morning radio interview, though, the President took some time off from shaking hands and kissing babies to also admit that he and First Lady Michelle Obama "try to keep up" with music and maintain a "nice hip-hop collection" on their iPods. But it's their daughters, Obama says, that have better taste in music.

"I don't think [that Sasha and Malia] listen to Nicki Minaj that much," Obama said on the air. "Let's face, they're now hipper than me."

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