Notes on Neil Young's Weirdly Apocalyptic Message About High-Resolution Audio

Look, Crossfade loves Weezy and Jeezy. We're the first to start sweating at a Girl Talk concert. We go, ahem, gaga for Gaga. But sometimes you need to pay some respect to the classics.

Neil Young is one of the greatest rock 'n' roll composers of all time. And we are proud to admit we regularly check his website for up to the minute news. (By the way, the page looks like Neil designed and maintains it himself, which doesn't surprise us at all with his reputation for being a difficult collaborator and curmudgeonly perfectionist. Imagine your kooky uncle's Neil Young fan site designed with HTML for Dummies.) Now there isn't really a "news" section. But recently, the following message appeared on the main page.

We find this note intriguing for the following reasons:

1. Neil Young feels so strongly about "High Resolution Audio" that he believes it directly correlates to the impending transcendental Mayan Apocalypse.

2. Despite having every reason to rest on his laurels and moan about how much contemporary music sucks, Neil Young keeps up with discourse surrounding recording and sonics. He's obsessed with the physical experience of live music and preserving that experience in recordings. On that note, check out this short, great "trailer" for Young's album Le Noise, featuring the record's producer and namesake Daniel Lanois. The whole thing is about his highly specialized analog techniques and how compression and earbuds are sucking the life out of acoustics, maaan.

3. Neil Young listens to the Black Keys.

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Matt Preira