Nicole Salgar Launches the Louis Salgar Fund: "It's Something I Know He Would've Wanted"

"He was superfunny. He was full of conviction. He was so talented."

Three months ago, on the afternoon of Monday, June 23, 2014, Nicole Salgar lost her 29-year-old brother, Louis, a well-known Miami punk musician and bartender, when he was fatally shot in his own home by an intruder who'd randomly decided to rob 8551 NE Eighth Court in search of money for food and drugs.

But instead of cash, the burglar found a gun. And tragically, Louis returned to his residence before the thief had left. There was a confrontation. Salgar was wounded. And he died. Two and a half weeks later, a 51-year-old convicted felon named Raul Reinosa was arrested for the murder.

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In the wake of Louis' killing, his family, friends, and acquaintances have banded together to remember and honor their lost son, brother, and pal.

There's been a tribute show at Churchill's Pub. Local non-profit Guitars Over Guns created the annual Louis Salgar Award. And next Sunday, September 21, Gramps, the musician and bartender's former workplace, will host the first benefit for a new scholarship initiative, the Louis Salgar Fund, launched by his sister, a New York-based street artist.

"When most people talk about Louis, they mention his laugh and his sense of humor," Nicole says. "But he could also be serious. He felt very strongly about the things that he believed in. He rarely kept his thoughts and opinions quiet."

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