MTV VMAs: Top Five Stage Crashes of All Time

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Lil Mama vs. Jay Z and Alicia Keys: 2009

Remember Lil Mama? Y'know, her lip gloss was poppin'? The fresh-faced one-hit wonder took her swag too seriously and decided it was time for her to join the big leagues. Unfortunately for her (and most fortunately for us) she picked the worst time possible to make an impression on hip-hop's greatest business, man. Jay Z and Alicia Keys closed the event with their smash "Empire State of Mind," and just as they were having their most glorious moment, Lil Mama bumrushed the stage and starts mean-mugging the Throne. Jay gave that dummie the coldest shoulder of all time while she sat there trying to steal their limelight. Guess we know why she disappeared so fast.

Courtney Love vs. Madonna: 1995

Hey, not everything great happens on the VMA stage. Sometimes the best crashes occur on the red carpet. Like this historic gem from the era when Madonna was, for some reason, partly British. Just as the interview with Madonna and Kurt Loder got started, Courtney started throwing make-up accessories in the middle of their moment. "Should we let her come up? No, don't, please," Madonna unenthusiastically begged. The rest of the six-minute shit-show is pure magic as Madonna and Love go head to head on fashion and who can be the biggest bullshitter. We can't tell who won, the score is too close.

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