MTV Exploits EDM Scene for Web Hits; Compiles Arbitrary "Best of" List

Music Television is seemingly jumping onto the electro dance train, recognizing that beat freaks love making it rain web hits by reading about their favorite DJs on the internet -- a practice Crossfade's all too familiar with, Ultra.

About an hour ago, MTV News posted its incomplete list of Best EDM Artists of 2011. In typical fashion, Music Television is milking the countdown by dividing it into two parts, revealing 10 through three now and then the top two at 4:59 p.m.

We figured it'd be fun to take a stab at who'll top MTV's EDM best of list. Check our predictions after the jump.

David Guetta

Few EDM dudes are as mainstream as Guetta, and MTV is, after all, really fucking mainstream. Guetta's a Jersey Shore favorite, fist-pumping his way into the hearts of DJ Pauly D and inspiring him along the way.


We're convinced Korn's in cahoots with MTV for a 2012 resurgence now that they've rebranded as a dubstep group. Damn you, Skrillex. And speaking of the inspiration behind the greatest Tumblr page ever...


MTV loves to hype shit up, and no DJ is as overhyped as Skrillex. Dude's the most mainstreamer dubstepper of them all, womp-womping his way onto the cover of Spin, the Grammy Awards, and a GoPro commercial.

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