MP3s of the Day: "Shake and Shake" and "Quitters" by Ever So Klever

Not many swing bands boast an axe man who's a fan of Rush. Then again, when the original swing bands were around, prog rock wasn't even the horizon, let alone a dream in some long-haired Canadian's mind. Oddly enough, the swing bands got along fine without it. Though truth be told, the genre might still be around had they incorporated some of prog rock's power.

That's what "power swing" band Ever So Klever does. And the results are roaring. Kinda like an arena version of the Count Basie Band, if the members all drove muscle cars and were fronted by a throwback Gwen Stefani. As crunchy as it is smooth, as thrashing as it is dashing, and, most of all, as rocking as it is bopping.

But don't think the mad cats and kittens in Ever So Klever are content merely putting power chords to their neo-swing songs. Not by a long shot. Hell, even a quick listen reveals they've also got a yen for rock-a-billy, Latin jazz, free fusion, ska and even a little pop, if it comes from a hard place like Hollywood and Vine.  

In other words, Ever So Klever is a perfect polyglot lot for our times. A mad mix-and-mash of Dash Rip Rock all done-up in Depression-era cool. And they're a damn entertaining way to make the current economic malaise go away -- for good.

MP3: Ever So Klever - "Shake and Shake"

MP3: Ever So Klever - "Quitters"

Ever So Klever's next South Florida date is July 31 at Old School Square in Delray. Visit www.eversoklever.com or myspace.com/eversoklever for more info.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.