MP3: Young Money's "Roger That," Swazy Styles Remix

Swazy Styles is one of the more polarizing figures coming out of the local rap scene right now. People either love or really hate his song "Birthday Suit," a shameless party-rocker which hinges on a sample from the Tetris theme song, of all things. 

This is a song aimed squarely at females who like to shake it, and surely wasn't really meant to be a display of Swazy Styles' lyrical skills. In fact, there's very little rapping on the song at all; it's mostly built on a repetitive, sing-song chorus. So how would Swazy Styles hold up on a track where he has to actually spit?

As a demo, he's released his own remix of the Young Money banger "Roger That." Obviously it's an unauthorized version, so here Swazy basically tacks his own verse onto the beginning of the song. It sounds nothing like "Birthday Suit" -- Swazy goes hard here with a flow more primed for the street than the dance floor. A lot of this comes thanks to the strength of the beat itself, a start-and-top, horn-filled affair scientifically designed to get you amped. 

Of course he manages to fit in the self-promoting line, "I got these model chicks tripping in their birthday suits," but otherwise, a random listener would never think this was the same artist. What do you think? Does Swazy Styles have potential beyond "Birthday Suit?" Listen to and download this new remix below, via 


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