MP3 of the Day: Zarabanda Band - "Castellano;" Playing Mai Tardi on Thursday
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MP3 of the Day: Zarabanda Band - "Castellano;" Playing Mai Tardi on Thursday

With all the years that I have spent disseminating the myth of myself as some staunch, drunken rock and roller, I have never forgotten my roots under warm Venezuelan skies, swagging and jiving my wares to the syncopated rhythms of Latin music. That's right, I, Abel Folgar, rock and roller 'til the end, loves a good jam where I can get my hips unscrewed in the company of some fiery brunette.

For some bizarre reason, the Diaspora of Hispanic musicians in South Florida have done a fine job of blurring the lines between good-time tunes and jazz-rooted artistic gems. I'm not saying that this particular MP3 falls in the latter, but it most certainly does into the first. Benny Moré's unflappable ode to Spanish roots finds new ones with this outfit of incredibly adept musicians.

Not only do I want you to download it, I want you to kick over the water cooler and get them hips moving side-to-side, sabor! And slow, follow the tune, accentuate when the background vocals hype, grab that intern!

The Zarabanda band comes from a hard-earned tenure at Willy Chirino's Zarabanda restaurant in the '90s, though they were originally known as Banda del Callejon (The Alley Band). That led to a backing gig with Mr. Chirino on national and international stages.

The weather's beginning to cool down, and I can't think of a better way to welcome the end of South Florida's muggy summer than this open-air gig. If you're gonna sweat this season, you make it happen. Let Mother Nature take a back seat. Benny wouldn't have it any other way.

Zarabanda Band at 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 16th at Mai Tardi, 163 NE 39th Street, Design District. Call 305-572-1400 or visit

MP3: Zarabanda Band - "Castellano"

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