MP3 of the Day: "Untitled (Choral)" - Fsik Huvnx (David Brieske)

David Brieske returns to our pages under the working name of his musical project Fsik Huvnx. Again, please, do not ask me to sound that out. What works here, and again, I do not purport to infringe on my colleagues who scribe about art, is the visual artist as musician and vice versa. Brieske's art pieces are engaging paintings full of color and tweaks that are as floored on collage as they are in intention. But that doesn't concern us. What does is the fact that he can manipulate simplicity out of objects and guitars with an effect that translates into a lush panorama of obsession, guilt and paranoia.

While offhand it might seem ambient in execution, Brieske's musical pieces are more akin to the sounds impressed upon dreamscapes and those moments of uncertainty: loss, repentance, admiration and struggle. These eight minutes manage to soothe and unsettle and soothe again and that friends, is a beautiful thing.

MP3: Fsik Huvnx (David Brieske) - "Untitled (Choral)"

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