MP3 of the Day: Ultrachic - "Dentro de Ti"

Ultrachic is a Miami band of Venezuelan ex-pats who rest at the crossroad of contemporary Venezuelan rock, uniting the golden age of acts like Sentimiento Muerto, Dermis Tatu, and Desorden Público with the newer crop of outfits like Zapato 3, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Caramelos de Cianuro. Actually, fans of the last band will be particularly interested in Ultrachic, as its bassist, Luis Golding, was a member of Caramelos during their formative years.

"Dentro de Ti" ("Inside of You") is Ultrachic's newest song, the latest single from its upcoming full-length which is being recorded in Miami and Caracas. Here the band continues fine-tuning its well-executed take on synth-pop. The addition of a second guitarist gives the song traditional New Wave overtones with slightly grittier distorted garage elements, without sacrificing the usual electronic appeal of the Ultrachic's music. Think New Order meeting Soda Stereo for a round of drinks in a room full of sexy models.

The line-up for this recording consists of Golding on bass, Christian Mijares on drums, Danny Garcia and Charlie Martini on guitars, and Ramon Lugo on vocals. 

The video for this single was directed by young Venezuelan director Luber Mujica and the video has consistently ranked high (with a few number-one spots) on Spanish-language MTV. The album should drop soon and this track will also appear on the soundtrack of upcoming Mexican film L.A., starring Valente Rodriguez from the George Lopez Show.

Download: Ultrachic - "Dentro de Ti"

Dentro de ti - ULTRACHIC from guayoyo motion graphics on Vimeo.

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