MP3 of the Day: Trina - "That's My Attitude"

Besides Young Money's still-really-underground Nicki Minaj, the term "mainstream female rapper" is one usually heard before "ain't doin' shit." Kim tried to come back with a song that was so 2002 that I nearly called my mom to ask her money for books and a plane ticket home from college, Foxy popped up on Ross' album (and as his lover on the blogs), but other than that pfft. And the other day, a new single from Trina popped up in my inbox. "That's My Attitude" sounds more like a track from the Baddest Bitch than the Diamond Princess, whom even Trick Daddy told us he wasn't really into.

On this new joint she talks about her favorite shit - money, clothes, and cars - and says "Still running over bitches" and "Still running over ni**as" so it's safe to say that those things plus the hard bass line and catchy hook makes this street single strip club-friendly and will probably do well in the 3-0-5. Not sure whether the rest of the country will fall in line, but hit the jump to hear for yourself.


MP3: Trina - "That's My Attitude"

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