MP3 of the Day: "Totally Tanya" by Dynas

Broward-based MC Dynas is one of the local hip-hop underground's stealth forces. He may not perform every weekend at the usual suspect venues, but when he surfaces, it's always with something worth stopping to listen to. Raised in New York City, his style is stamped with his hometown's golden-era lyricism and laid-back flow, over soulful but searing beats.

On a slow but steady come up, Dynas has made some pretty impressive friends along the way, several of whom appear on his forthcoming new album, The Apartment. On it, there are contributions from DJ Spinna, Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina, and even the late Dilla (whose posthumous output might soon rival Tupac's). And on the song "Family Jewels," he even got a guest verse from Slick Rick!

After the jump, check out the track "Totally Tanya."

With a beat built over a mournful soul sample, this is a low-key, elegy for a failed relationship. With its introspective mood and jazzy, textured beat, the track is like some un-earthed late-'90s Black Star stuff. Listen and enjoy. The Apartment comes out September 28 on BBE Records; stay tuned to Crossfade in coming weeks for more about it.

MP3: Dynas - "Totally Tanya"

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Arielle Castillo
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