MP3 of the Day: The New - "Musician's Point of View"

For many years I delighted in tormenting Lori Garrote with random assertions that her brother Joe (of The Basicks and The Can't Stand Ya's fame) owed me twenty bucks, and that he had reported her as the current holder of that lien. Needless to say, the familial confusion that must've caused was cute at best, and though I'm not twenty bucks richer, new data points to the fact that the mythical twenty might've never been owed to begin with.

That's water under the bridge, then. What we have at hand now is Lori's new musical alter-ego, The New. Which really means new as in the newer version of the AKA's, which our readers will recognize as a long running, all-girl rock band down here.

This current incarnation is still represented by Ms. Garrote on vocals and rhythm guitar and Natalie Martinez on bass and vocals. Adding to the fray and rounding out the rhythm section is Giz Forte on drums, the leads of guitarist Kim Drake, and the keyboards and harmonizing vocals of Jordan Calloway. This is not a mind-blowing take on rock and roll, so let the "new" in the moniker stand for a revamp.

This is a really good rock and roll track that takes its cues from punk rock, early '90s alternative, and maybe even some danceable New Wave. Which is pretty good and catchy. The girls have an album out that is available on iTunes and CDBaby, and you'd be a sweet bubbuleh and downright awesome human being for picking one up.

MP3: The New - "Musician's Point of View"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.