MP3 of the Day: Shut It Down Mixtape by Pitbull and Logan de Gaulle

Last week, you totally blew it, missing the jumpoff for Dade County hustler Pitbull's impending album Rebelution. (I mean really ... Where is your civic pride? The guy carries the keys to our city.) You missed a backdoor taste of club bangers like "Calle Ocho," "Hotel Room Service," and "Krazy" -- not to mention a crunktastic Lil' Jon cameo. Plus, there were Hornitos and unitarded vogue girls and gentleman thugs in black tie. You know, it was a Thursday. 

Anyway, you missed it all and now Pitbull's winding down the summer, skipping from one North American metropolis to the next (Houston, Toronto, Albuquerque?) before landing in LA for an August 31 appearance on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. For locals, this translates: No mo' party, no mo' fun.

So what will you do? As usual, New Times got you covered. Just download the free Shut It Down Mixtape cut together by Mr. 305 himself as well as international tag-team Logan de Gaulle, a.k.a. Clinton Sparks and DJ Snake. It's 18 tracks of vocoded ghetto-lectro dance party straight from La Esquina, featuring guest spots by Kid Cudi, Sean Kingston, Kardinal Offishall, and ... duh ... Lil' Jon.

Get the download link after the jump.

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