MP3 of the Day: Rick Ross Featuring Triple C's - "Bust Your Heart"

​Another day, another Rick Ross track. No one can ever say Miami's biggest stars right now aren't prolific; Ricky Rozay and Pitbull keep us bloated in blog posts.

Continuing signs of Ross' domination (and the apocalypse) keep rolling in. Check, for instance, that weird moment during Sunday's VMAs broadcast in which the least likely person to ever dance to "B.M.F." -- Ellen Degeneres -- did just that.

Ross has benefited from some big-name big-ups, especially, lately, his association with Diddy. He's long payed it forward, though, shouting out his own crop of up-and-comers on his own Maybach Music imprint. These days that means the reggae artist Magazeen, and, of course, Miami street stars Triple C's, occasionally known as Carol City Cartel.

They're the featured stars on this new Internet-underground track, "Bust Your Heart." The other big Ross-dominated track making the rounds now is a J. Lo comeback track called "Run This World," but with the sound and accents, this one is pure Miami.

The title sounds like it would be one of Ross' R&B laced pop-crossover radio jams, but the beat and most of the content are pure street. What else would you expect from a track featuring the Triple C's?

Get amped on the building, neck-snapping beat with a baseline made for cars. No romantic lyrics here, either. The closest thing to a chorus goes thusly: "I fuck her long/I fuck her hard/ Before I send her home/ I try to buss her heart." Oh Ricky Rozay, you're just like all the rest!

Groupies, if you want a piece -- or want to try for Drake -- Ross also says they'll be together here in Miami this Friday to film the video for "Aston Martin Music." Of course, Drake also kicks off his tour here next Monday, so will he be spotted around town this weekend? Get your texting thumbs ready.

Download: Rick Ross feat. Triple C's - "Bust Your Heart"

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Arielle Castillo
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