MP3 of the Day: "Placebo Effect" by Radioboxer, Playing Tonight at PS14

What do you get when you cross a bass line that can't decide between

bubblegum bouncy and driving like a Mack truck, guitars that go from

subtle to psycho in one second flat, keyboards that quiver like a

speedball junkie, drums that alternately whisper and crash in

conversation with the voices in your head, and vocals blending equal

parts Shirley and Charles Manson?

Well, I guess it depends. If

you throw in an unreasonable excess of alcohol, you've got one hell of a party at

Transit last Saturday (to my wife, I repeat, "I'm sorry"). Excluding that from the equation, you've got a

reasonable description of Radioboxer's sound in 50 words or less. It's

also the lowdown on this git-down that oughta amp you up for the band's

show at PS14 tonight, a little sicko-ditty aptly titled "Placebo


If you missed the aforementioned show at Transit last

Saturday, well, that's at least one more person who didn't see the

state I was in. But it also means you missed their performance. Don't

fret though, you've got another chance to see them real, real soon.

They're at it again, tonight at PS14 (28 NE 14ST) at 10 p.m.

MP3: Radioboxer - "Placebo Effect"

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