MP3 of the Day: New Mix From DJ Erok, Spinning at B.E.D. Friday Night

New Times does its best to get with pretty much every South Florida DJ, as long as they're active. But DJ Erok's so damn active that we can't seem to get a hold of him. Oh, we sat down and interviewed the Galveston, Texas native for Head Spins months ago, only to find out that he was splitting town the next day. And all of our follow-ups have ended up the same way: us here; Erok elsewhere.

But after a whirlwind month that found the dynamic DJ Erok tabling his technique in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Santiago, we're happy to announce that DJ Erok is coming home.

That's right. This Friday night Erok will not be across the pond, wowing crowds on the German side of the Maginot Line. And he will not be deep beneath the equator, in the shadow of the Andes. Nor will he be in any one of the other far-flung places he frequently hits. Nope. This Friday night Erok will be here in B.E.D.

And you can bet your ass the cat won't be sleeping. Just as you can bet

that he won't be in town for too long. No, DJ Erok may not have time to

sit still for his Head Spin, but he's making time for you. And you can

start digging the dizzy right now with this new mix.

MP3: DJ Erok - New EroknSoul Mix

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