MP3 of the Day: Hit Play! - "...Progress, I Think?"

Hit Play! is an up-and-coming outfit boasting a cool local punk rock pedigree, with members coming from bands like Against All Authority, the Stop Motion, and Underpaid. This here MP3 is the opener of the band's upcoming In Case of Emergency EP. What fun! Gaston de la Vega on bass and Machbeth Proenza on drums make up the rhythm section with gusto, while Johnny Underpaid and Raf Solo do the guitar work and Alex Calante leading the vocal assault. 

There are some vocal harmonies here reminiscent of Bad Religion's oohs and ahhs and similar flourishes by similar Southern California acts. I'm thinking this is for fans of early Lagwagon, Screw 32, and Face to Face, along with the hardcore moments of Jughead's Revenge and the pop of Rhythm Collision. There's nice guitar work there near the end. This is some fun power-pop-punk with polish and edge. The band's web site (ilovehitplay.com) is "under construction," so give it a week or two. Hit the jump for the MP3. 

MP3: Hit Play! - "...Progress, I Think?"

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