MP3 of the Day: "Forever Mine, Forever Yours" by Astari Nite

Friday night's weekly

Flamingo Fridays party at PS14 marks the first show in a while on this side of

the county line for the Miami foursome Astari Nite. The band has been playing out relatively frequently, but recent weeks

have seen it playing mostly around Broward and even West Palm Beach.

And instead of slowing down for the summer, instead frontman Mychael Ghost and company are ramping it up. They've begun work on an EP, and have provided this MP3 of a rough sketch of the song "Forever Yours, Forever Mine," which you can download after the jump.

Here's how Ghost describes the song's narrative: "[the song is] about a young man who is seduced by a ghost

he can't get out of his mind. She haunts him so much it's the cause of

his death. He finally meets up with the ghost in the end -- I think she

is Wendy Darling."

Well, not sure how the Peter Pan references fit in, but you'll know already if you enjoy this kind of morbidity and romanticism.

Besides playing Friday's show at PS14, Ghost says Astari Nite is also one of the scheduled headliners for Respectable Street Cafe's anniversary party later this summer. He is also throwing "a huge event" at Culture Room mid-summer. Stay tuned to Crossfade for details.

MP3: Astari Nite - "Forever Yours, Forever Mine"

Flamingo Fridays, with Astari Nite, Old Wives Tale, and the Monday Photo, and a DJ set by Otto Von Schirach. Friday, June 5. PS 14, 28 NE 14th St. Doors open at 10 p.m., admission is $5. Ages 18+ with ID. 305-358-3600;

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