MP3 of the Day: Fireside Social - "Wristbands"

Empty bars with sticky floors is a pretty good way of summing Fireside Social up as far as playing with gusto and passion is concerned. And while they are currently caught between Miami and St. Augustine, it is refreshing to find out they've committed to some studio time.

This track, "Wristbands," reminds me (nostalgically so) of mid-'90s Florida punk a la Quit/Fay Wray with maybe some Radon thrown in for good measure. Comprised of Chris Ruppel (guitar/vox), Drew Walker (guitar), Eric Fontiluz (bass) and Kris Huseby (drums); Fireside's brief tenure saw the musicians share the stage with some cool acts like Off With Their Heads and some touring through the southeast. There's an undeniable Central Florida/No Idea Records influence here and the guitar work makes me think of funky synth-driven New Wave but the gruff vocals certainly cancel any thoughts of weird hairdos and/or questionable fashions. I look forward to seeing these guys make their racket live. Let's cross some fingers here and enjoy!

MP3: Fireside Social - "Wristbands"

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