MP3 of the Day: Dissever - "Fling"

I don't entirely understand what the whole "flinging" aspect is that these four sweaty and most certainly not "boy band" material dudes are aiming for, but I'm hip and I'm kinda with it so I think I have an inkling of intention here. This is technically proficient metal with nuances of hardcore and progressive elements. In the past I've claimed something along the lines of Cynic meets Steve Vai and maybe a little Surfing With the Alien -- Joe Satriani in somebody's basement but with a little more hate thrown in the mix.

Regardless of which, Dissever works on different levels. This is devoid of the meathead chug-a-long you'd expect. These mothers know what they are doing and for a number of years have been South Florida's best kept secret. Drummer ill13ill (true name) and bassist Rue ground the chaos coherently while Brian's guitar brings the edge for the fluctuating vocals of Eddy. Groundbreaking? No. Awesome? Yes. Enjoy a little MP3 from the upcoming effort.

MP3: Dissever - "Fling"

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