​Unlike many of his "MySpace generation" peers -- the words from his press materials, not ours -- English phenom Kissy Sell Out has refused to move on to new flavors like tropical disco or funk or house. Instead, he's instead stuck to his bass-bombing electro guns, mostly on a series of frequently downloaded remixes. 

MP3: Kissy Sell Out - "Harriet"; Miami Date at LIV September 8

Still, twiddling laptop buttons isn't all he does. Around his native England -- and internationally -- he's a super-in-demand club DJ, and in the downtime runs his own label, San City High. It's there that he's released a new EP, Introducing Kissy Sell Out, the somewhat confusingly named follow-up to his well-received debut artist album, Youth.

What sets his sound apart from the pack is a rave-loving, d.i.y. attitude as well as a dose of glam glitter, the influence of old post-punk and New Wave artists like Gary Numan, Scritti Politti, and Simple Minds. With this refreshing and somewhat surprising list of favorites, Kissy's DJ set at LIV's Dirty Hairy party should be surprise-studded. 

Below, download his song "Harriet," from his debut artist album. That link will also take you to some other mixes and San City High goodies. 

Kissy Sell Out. Wednesday, September 8. LIV, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. 305-674-4680; livnightclub.com

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