Moving Units: Top Five Albums at Local Independent Music Stores

Moving Units is a weekly column on Crossfade tracking the best-selling albums at South Florida independent record stores.

Top Five Albums for the Week of November 16 - 22

Sweat Records, Miami

1. Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures

2. No Seasons LP, Jacuzzi Boys
3. Hearts, Awesome New Republic
4. Ultraviolet, Kid Sister
5. Through the Magical Door LP, Electric Bunnies

​Uncle Sam's, South Beach
1. Get Salted Vol. 2, Miguel Migs
2. Backspacer, Pearl Jam
3. Amsterdam, Defected in the House
4. Fame Monster, Lady Gaga
5. The Blueprint 3, Jay Z

Radio-Active Records, Ft. Lauderdale
1. Silver Sessions, Sonic Youth
2. Love Comes Close, Cold Cave
3. 45:33 Remixes, LCD Soundsystem
4. No Seasons LP, Jacuzzi Boys
5. Through the Magical Door LP, Electric Bunnies

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