Art Basel Miami Beach

Mock & Toof, Dr. Dunks, and Cassy Britton at the Suck It and See Basel Party Tonight

​In a week of mind-blowing art (and some that just plain blows), we here at Crossfade nominate this bizarro illustration for the WTF Am I Looking At? Am I Having a Perverted Nightmare? award.

Lifted from the flyer for tonight's Suck It and See bash at the Electric Pickle, the drawing depicts what things would've been like if Medusa were a '70s male porn star and not some chthonic female monster. So instead of a wig of writhing, tortured snakes, this guy's got a bouquet of happy penis worms -- and we're not even gonna talk about his gigantic balls.

See the cut for party deets and the full flyer.

Admittedly, it's going to be almost impossible for Suck It and See to match the haunting awesomeness of its flyer. (Really, how many musical acts can even compete with a deranged schoolbook sketch of a nude dude who's this terrifyingly well-endowed?) Yet still, those SAFE, Nightdrive, and Aquabooty peeps are taking a shot, bringing in London quirkmeisters (and DFA crew members) Mock & Toof as well as the irrepressible Dr. Dunks and fuzzy-headed lady of the decks Cassy Britton.

Mock & Toof, Dr. Dunks (AKA Eric Duncan), and Cassy, plus Laura of Miami, Team Rojas, Tomas of Aquabooty, and Will Renuart. Friday, December 3. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Visit

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