Mixtape Of The Week: Jacki-O - Griselda Blanco: La Madrina

Jacki-O has had a bit of tumultuous career since breaking out back in 2003. What made most first take notice was her single "Nookie" that was released under a partnership between Poe Boy and TVT Records. She has since parted ways with Poe Boy -- TVT went under as well -- and has gone the independent route. In recent years she's released numerous mixtapes, a couple albums, and even a book, all under her very own Jack Move Entertainment imprint.

While Jacki-O spent a lot of time over the past year promoting her first novel, Grown & Gangsta, which was released in 2008. She's now working on her second book, an autobiography which, according to her Wikipedia page is set to be released this year.

In the meantime, Jacki-O has returned to the music side of things with her latest mixtape release, inspired by a real life Cocaine Cowboy ... or, rather, Cowgirl. It's called Griselda Blanco: La Madrina, named after the same Griselda Blanco profiled in 2006's Cocaine Cowboys documentary.

Aside from the Cheers-influenced "Get Away" (which could probably have been left out), the mixtape has a very dark feel to it and does partake in more drug talk than anything else. There are no "Nookie"-type records here. But Jacki-O does prove herself as one of the game's hardest-spitting female rappers. Iconz frontman Gorilla Tek contributes production, as do the Colleagues, K.E., and Mike Bangah. Listen for yourself below.

Download: Jacki-O - Griselda Blanco: La Madrina mixtape

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