Mixtape Of The Week: DJ Ideal & Hometeam - Andre Benjamin Is...

When you think of DJ Ideal, you'll probably remember him best for his wide takeover in the mixtape scene a couple of years ago. His Lil Jon tinged "Bottom Bitch" sound byte was just about as show stopping as Don Canon's "Canon" sample.

From about 2003-2007, DJ Ideal made incredible strides toward becoming one of the South's (and Miami's) top mixtape DJs. He had highly sought after artists host his mixtapes, and even went on to spearhead some of Pitbull's earlier mixtape work, including most of the Unleashed mixtapes that Pitbull put together.

Ideal also put together the now-classic Da Bottom series, which till this day has people searching for download links and years-old hard copies -- some of which were actually sold in retail stores like Best Buy, despite being just mixtapes.

After the arrests of DJ Drama and Don Canon back in January of 2007 over

piracy charges, the entire mixtape scene changed, and a lot of the more

prominent mixtape DJs decided to lay low and change their take on

releasing mixtapes. DJ Ideal was definitely among those DJs, because

since early 2007, he has seldom released mixtapes and has been very

selective with all the projects he has done since. But with that

approach, every mixtape DJ Ideal has released has been critically

acclaimed and has garnered tremendous positive feedback.

In 2008, DJ Ideal released a collaboration mixtape with Yelawolf entitled Stereo

fusing hip-hop and rock, that introduced a lot of people to the sounds

of Yela. That same year Ideal collaborated with DJ Konflict and Airtime

to release their Mos Def inspired Audio 3

mixtape that featured a collective of Mos Def's best songs and

appearances throughout the course of his career, as well as unreleased

and rare selections. Both the Yelawolf and Mos Def projects are just

small examples of the quality projects that Ideal has taken on in recent


Just a couple days ago, DJ Ideal decided resurface again with another

quality project along the lines of the Audio 3 release. He partnered

with Hometeam to release an Andre 3000 tribute mixtape of sorts entitled

Andre Benjamin Is...

This 42-track mammoth of a mixtape chronicles the best in verses by the

one and only Andre 3000 of legendary Atlanta based hip-hop group

Outkast. Not only are the more mainstream cuts intertwined in the

mixtape, but rare verses and verses we forgot existed are sprinkled all

over the compilation. Here and there interview clips and other extras

are added to complete the package. For the true Outkast and Andre 3000

fans, this mixtape will take you down memory lane many times over.

Download it below.

Download: DJ Ideal & Hometeam - Andre Benjamin Is...

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David "Dro" Rosario