Miley Cyrus Rebrands, Explores Her Sexuality Like "Every 18 Year Old"

Miley Cyrus is a boss. Don't let the Hannah Montana shtick fool y'all ... This 18-year old ex-Disney Channel princess loves tattoos, Joan Jett, and exploring her sexuality. Good girl gone bad? Bullshit, Miley's just keeping it real.

"There was this magazine article the other day," Cyrus says in this month's issue of Prestige, "and I fell under the category of Good Girl Gone Bad. And I was like, 'What the hell, man?'"

Evidently, turing 18 and realizing the purity ring thing might be a sham causes quite the stir among the Tiger Beat demographic. "Every 18 year old explores sexuality and experiments and tries things," she tells Prestige. "For me, there's no reason to change that. You have to be true to yourself."

True to yourself like ripping a bong while listening to Bush.

"People have very mixed opinions on me," Cyrus says. "I'm a great role model, or I'm completely inappropriate for anyone under 13 and I am controversial. I don't know how I became this."

Well, the contract with Disney expired, and pictures of Cyrus hitting a bong surfaced. She sorta grew into those teeth and started looking less like a little a girl, and more like a woman. She also stopped giving a fuck.

"Joan Jett has been in my life over the past year and has taught me a lot about [being true to myself]," she says. "She got locked down for talking about sex and drugs or whatever. They were like, 'How dare a woman say that. How dare a girl come out admit those things,' when every other girl her age was doing the same thing. She just went on stage and sang about it."

Great advice, right on Miley. But do us a favor, leave the singing to Jett.

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