Midnight Glimpse: Area 61

Every Thursday, in a hidden corner of Aventura, freaky fans of poetry venture to Area 61 (504 NE 190th St, Aventura; 305-652-6480), a converted warehouse decked out as a venue and studio with couches, a stage, a small bar, surround sound, and air conditioning. On a recent Thursday, sharply dressed patrons sporting a hint of bohemian flair crept in for the weekly open mike event, Outlet Factory. The evening began with Goddess and Venus Night, a theme held throughout March for womens history month. Ladies were carried onstage by buff, shirtless men who fanned and massaged them, while platters of fruit and chocolate dip were passed around to tantalize palates.

Goddess Night soon ended, but appreciation for the female form continued. The curvy Evita took the stage to tell everyone that once you do a fat girl, you never go back. She opened with the disclaimer, "Skinny girls, it's okay, we love you too."

Duke, a hefty first-timer, rhymed about cunnilingus, while Zarifa, looking retro with a Seventies Afro, talked about masturbation. "I'm such a lesbian when it comes to me," she said.


Area 61

When the short, unassuming Dirty McNasty took the stage, her innocent appearance didnt seem to fit her moniker. But those who didnt know her soon realized how appropriate her stage name was, as she began reciting X-rated lyrics about wrapping her lips around certain body parts.

While most would-be comedians riffed on sex, some performers spoke about politics and AIDS. The enthusiastic and vocal crowd hummed, "mm-hmm" and snapped their fingers to each onstage revelation. Hosts Grimo and Caheej requested that the female patrons say, "Haaaay," and the men hoot, holler, and bark during downtime between speakers. The audience happily complied, especially when the two hosts playfully took shots at each other. The night ended with an awards ceremony, where certificates were handed out to outstanding performers, as well as the staff members who have stuck with Outlet Factory through its first year at Area 61.

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