Michael Jackson's Death Bed For Sale!

Just in case the whole, two-and-a-half year soap opera following Michael Jackson's death wasn't already packed with enough cheap intrigue and tabloid tawdriness (e.g. nude postmortem photos, that creepy Cirque du Soleil tribute, the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial), the King of Pop's devotees can now buy his death bed.

In just a few weeks, any Wacko Jacko fanatic with a bulging bank account will get his or her chance to start a bidding war over the queen-size sleeper where MJ fell victim to acute propofol intoxication at approximately 12:20 p.m. on June 25, 2009.

Earlier today, Julien's Auctions announced that the contents of Jackson's rented Beverly Hills mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive would be sold off in "a sale of fine art and furnishings" on December 17.

Besides the death bed, though, there's a ton of other MJ crap hitting the auction block. 

Big bidders can blow stacks of cash on stuff like "an elaborately carved and gilded Louis XV headboard (Est: $3,000/$4,000)," and "George Smith upholstered sofas, chairs, chaise lounges (Est: $1,000/$3,000)" from the "medication room" where Dr. Murray gave MJ that final, lethal dose of "milk."

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