Miami's Ten Heaviest Current Metal and Punk Bands

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6. Capsule

Loud hardcore with a twist of sludge and a heavy dose of rock 'n' roll guitar, Capsule's sound offers something for everyone without being spastic. Capsule has a knack for writing those riffs that make your face involuntarily curl up like something smells really bad, but you're really just overwhelmed by how rockin' the riff is.

5. Homestretch

Homestretch is, by most accounts, one of the most intense hardcore bands currently active. The band's lyrics have a socially conscience bend with plenty of lyrical fiber for thinking fans, but enough sonic brunt to bring even the most jaded hardcore fans out of mosh retirement. Why this band has not yet been signed to Deathwish or A389 is beyond us.

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David Von Bader