Miami's Ten Heaviest Current Metal and Punk Bands

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10. Torche

Though the members of Torche are now scattered across the land, they are (and will always be) a product of Miami. Torche's inimitable "stoner-pop" style has simultaneously evolvied into a heavier and more approachable beast, depending on which track you happen upon. However, for the purpose of keeping this list ultimo pesado, we're going with what might be the heaviest track the band has ever released.

9. Maruta

Maruta resides somewhere in the musty chasm between grind and death metal. This band has been kicking around since 2005. They took some time off to reflect and are back to churning at speeds burgeoning on the ludicrous, stomping out quicksand sludge, and ripping violent guitar athletics that would make any shred-head jealous.

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David Von Bader