Miami's Ten Heaviest Current Metal and Punk Bands

Miami has a long history of putting out great, unique sounding heavy bands. In much the same way that the marsupials of the Southern Hemisphere have evolved with combinations of traits unlike those of any other mammalian group, Miami's isolated heavies are a genus unto themselves.

And now, in particular, is a good time for heavy music in the 305. The groups are plentiful, the scene is a strong one, and, if you're not currently in the loop, you're definitely missing out on some of the best loudness to come from our wonderful little slice of hell in a long, long time. But we here at Crossfade have your back! Behold, our ten favorite heavy bands of the current Miami crop!

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10. Torche

Though the members of Torche are now scattered across the land, they are (and will always be) a product of Miami. Torche's inimitable "stoner-pop" style has simultaneously evolvied into a heavier and more approachable beast, depending on which track you happen upon. However, for the purpose of keeping this list ultimo pesado, we're going with what might be the heaviest track the band has ever released.

9. Maruta

Maruta resides somewhere in the musty chasm between grind and death metal. This band has been kicking around since 2005. They took some time off to reflect and are back to churning at speeds burgeoning on the ludicrous, stomping out quicksand sludge, and ripping violent guitar athletics that would make any shred-head jealous.

8. Orbweaver

Orbweaver applies Frank Zappa's sense of exploration and fearless experimentation to weave blackened-death metal tapestries neither for the faint of heart nor the weak of mind. The group includes former members of Hate Eternal and Gigan, though its own music is quite the departure from that of either earlier act.

7. Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt gets a lot of love around here, and its star has been rising steadily elsewhere on the back of its debut full length, Year One. Holly Hunt's music is a ballistic assault of doom-informed art that lumbers around like Godzilla on psychotropics. The band's live performances feature sound waves so powerful that they reach past the skin of audience members to caress the very fiber of thine being.

6. Capsule

Loud hardcore with a twist of sludge and a heavy dose of rock 'n' roll guitar, Capsule's sound offers something for everyone without being spastic. Capsule has a knack for writing those riffs that make your face involuntarily curl up like something smells really bad, but you're really just overwhelmed by how rockin' the riff is.

5. Homestretch

Homestretch is, by most accounts, one of the most intense hardcore bands currently active. The band's lyrics have a socially conscience bend with plenty of lyrical fiber for thinking fans, but enough sonic brunt to bring even the most jaded hardcore fans out of mosh retirement. Why this band has not yet been signed to Deathwish or A389 is beyond us.

4. Floor

Floor is a legendary Miami band, and though the band's popularity is superseded by that of frontman Steve Brooks' other group (see #1), it has been back on the active list for a few years and will be releasing new music soon also.

3. Shroud Eater

Archaic sounding sludge-metal with a touch of Motorhead and a heap of witchcraft, Shroud Eater is a Miami favorite that really deserves more attention. The group's new material is an evolved and streamlined take on the band's sludge metal approach, and if recent tracks are a sign of what's ahead for Shroud Eater, they are without a doubt a band to keep an eye on.

2. The Tunnel

The Tunnel generally is the buzz of whatever show they play. The duo utilizes floor synths, fuzzy guitars, and vocals that sit somewhere between the Melvins and Pentagram. There is a side to what the Tunnel does that is music for musicians in its technical displays, but the end result is a refreshing departure from current trends in heavy music.

1. Nunhex

D-beat infused crust-punk, Nunhex that takes a tried and true form of punk and reanimates it with the fury that a lot of bands copping this sound seem to forget. The songs are obviously written with circle pits and mic dives in mind.

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