Miami's Ten Best Rockabilly Bands of All Time

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5. Frantics Four

Along with singer Bobby Shane, the Frantics Four unleashed "TV Mama"/"Down by the Old Mill Stream" in 1960. And in full accordance with the frenzied nature of their nomenclature, imagine a slightly mellower Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors' "Scream" and you'll get the picture. Unfortunately, save for this one single, there is very little known of the band. Both songs are usually paired up in comps, though.

4. Larry Joe Miller and His Rockabilly Rockets

Originally from teen garage punks The Thingies, Larry Joe Miller is a key figure who brought Miami's rockabilly into the modern era. Larry maintained an active performance and recording career in the Magic City. And the Rockets' full-length cassette album, Rub a Bucket, released by Jeterboy Records, is a perfect centerpiece for any collection of underground South Florida music.

3. Ross Minimi

An easy, straight shooter of a rocker, Ross Minimi's 1959 single "Baby Rock"/"Oh Janet" on the Gulfstream label is pure rockabilly. Label owner Vince Fiorino co-wrote both tracks and we are, unfortunately, unsure of where Minimi's career wandered after the single was released.

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